A downloadable game for Windows

The Game:

Trip the Light Fantastic is a VR enabled meditative game about exploring a vast, ever changing fractal lightscape .

The prototype is available for free on this site!

RockLeeSmiles said of the game:

"... it looks like you are looking through a microscope or something at times, and at other times it looks like you are looking at the universe..."

Trip the Light Fantastic got nominated for an AMAZE award! <3 v0.5 contains the changes we made for the festival, as well as some lower quality settings if your computer is struggling a little.

We had so many great and heartwarming responses from AMAZE, with many telling us that it was "beautiful" and "unlike anything they had ever experienced". If you have an Oculus DK2 we would love for you to try this out for yourself.

Oculus Enabled:

If played with an Oculus it requires no other controls and is a completely hands free experience. (currently only tested with an Oculus DK2)

If you do not own an Oculus it can also be played with a gamepad or mouse!


  • Meditative audio-visual fractal exploration experience
  • Fractally generated visuals, each playthrough giving a unique set of fractal landscapes to explore!
  • Music by John Hattendorf and Ivo Mexicanopiumdog Sissolak
  • Unlock new colors, patterns and audio layers as you progress through the game, or just sit back and take in the experience of an ever changing fractal universe
  • Oculus controlled (no other input device required, just your head + Oculus)
  • Non-Oculus supported too if you want to try it out anyway! (mouse or gamepad)

Please note that Trip the Light Fantastic is in very early development/prototyping phase, we plan to add more gameplay elements, more juice, more music and more amazing as time goes on.

Tweet us at @Free_Lives or @raxterworks

We'd love to hear what you think and if you have any ideas for the game!

Latest Changes:

v0.6 now supports the latest Oculus runtime drivers and has some minor sound tweaks!

More information

Published1 year ago
TagsExperimental, Exploration, fractal, Oculus Rift, Procedural Generation
InputsOculus Rift
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Support for Windows DX11 only

Download and extract

For Oculus (recommended)

Run "TripTheLightFantastic.exe"

Once running you'll need the keyboard to clear the Oculus disclaimer. Spacebar will recenter your Oculus if you require and 'R' will force a reset the game.

After that sit back and relax, you need only the Oculus to play!

Non Oculus (gamepad or mouse)

Run "TripTheLightFantastic - NoOculus.bat"

Click the mouse once to enable mouse control


Use the left analog stick on your controller


Trip the Light Fantastic 0_6.zip (Oculus runtime 0.8 support) (88 MB)
Trip the Light Fantastic 0_5.zip (88 MB)
Trip the Light Fantastic 0_4a.zip (88 MB)
Trip the Light Fantastic_0_3.zip (68 MB)
Trip the Light Fantastic 0_2.zip (107 MB)
Trip the Light Fantastic 0_1.zip (156 MB)