A downloadable game for Windows


As of today (24th Feburary 2016) SADCAT finally as been upgraded to utilize the latest Oculus drivers! Now you just need one zip for both Oculus and non Oculus use!

Otherwise we are planing on adding some design polish to the final 2 levels as they've been neglected for far too long. We also want to up the Samsung Gear VR support with (and without) the Samsung Game Pad

We are also submitting to A MAZE Berlin 2016! Wish us luck!


SADCAT is a 2D perspective-based platformer in a 3D world. You are in control of a cat with seasonal affective disorder who is tring to find its way through the emotions that the seasons can bring.

SADCAT employs VR in a unique way that is difficult to describe and even more difficult to believe until you try it. The VR headset is used not as a simple view-port but as a fundamental mechanic of the game: by changing your perspective, you change the way in which you can move around the world. SADCAT is complemented by an thick, engrossing atmosphere borne from a beautiful soundtrack and visuals.

SADCAT came joint-first by audience vote at the Shalyla VR Jam 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark and was exhibited at the Creative Coast Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden and at A MAZE Johannesburg 2016!

SADCAT is currently in a prototype state. As we find time we are expanding and exploring the mechanic and narrative.

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Install instructions

Oculus DK2 (tracker not required) + gamepad: left analog stick to move, A to jump


If you do not have an Oculus, you can download the standalone version that only utilises the gamepad (or keyboard)

Gamepad controls: Left analog stick to move, A to jump, bumpers to rotate (if not using VR)

Keyboard Controls: A/D to move, space to jump, Q/E to rotate

Bug reports can be directed to: @SADCATVR or @raxterbaxter on twitter

Feedback is always welcome :)


SADCAT v3.3 (Windows) 52 MB